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Able Snail Candy Pens

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Introducing Candy Pens by Able Snail ✨


Carrot Oblique Holders are known to have better control because of their short length, since the pen fits perfectly in your hand.Because of the thicker grip, it helps to train your hand to loosen up to create some beautiful strokes.It thus also teaches  you to use a full arm movement:) Also, if you’re someone who is suffering from arthritis/ joint problem issues, this shape is much more comfortable.


It is an Oblique pen holder made entirely of resin.

A popular carrot – in our studio called CandyPen.

The pen is quite short – it will easily fit into any pencil case.

All length: 125mm
Length of body: 60mm
Length of foot: 17mm
Materials: resin

Flange: Regular Flange
Thinnest part of body: 12mm
Widest part of body: 18mm
Type: oblique pen holder




In all my pens, the flange to which the nibs are attached is permanently attached to the pen and it is not possible to remove this element. Forcibly removing the element damages the pen.

When ordering, you need to know that your pen holder may slightly differ from the one shown in the photo. This is due to the fact that they are all handmade, so I reserve the right to slight differences in both shape and color.

About AbleSnail:

At AbleSnail, we believe that writing is a transmission of emotions. Every calligraphy enthusiast shed his feelings on paper, so that others, though to a small extent, can show empathy.

We decided to help you, calligraphers, make this process more attractive. We made sure that the writing instruments you use have souls.

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