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[SALE] Shift Just Got Real Individual Pans : Quarter Pans

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 Quarter Pans contain approximately 1.5- 2ml paint

Shift just got real, India's first true Colorshift Handmade Watercolor collection is a celebration of India! The vivid hues in the collection are reminiscent of the diversity of India- the different languages, colours, religions that blend seamlessly into each other and make India the melting pot of cultures that it truly is! :)


Bangalore Love:


Bangalore Love is an ode to the beautiful South Indian city of Bangalore- it shifts from Yellow to Green, with hues of blues in between. Bangalore is a city I truly love- minus all the traffic ofcourse :p. When you look past all that insane traffic, you do find a city that works hard quietly, making things happen! :)


Bombay Nights:


Bombay Nights is an ode to the amazing Indian city of Bombay. The days in Bombay are filled with hustle and bustle, so it's the Night time when the city truly comes alive. Bombay Nights is a gorgeous colour that shifts between light blue and dark blue with a touch of purple in between :)


Delhi Daydream:


Delhi Daydream is an ode to my city - Delhi, after which I named my alter-ego 'Delhi Doodler'. Daydreaming isn't bad- afterall, it's the daydreams that become goals and then achievements (ofcourse if you snap yourself out of the daydream and work towards them! :P) It's a beautiful colour that shifts from Yellow to Green to Pink and I think a touch of orange too!! You really have to try it to see the beauty that it truly is!


Jaipur Jamboree:


An ode to the pink city of Jaipur, where royalty exists, Jaipur Jamboree is a lovely colour that shifts between tones of Orange and Pink with a touch of yellow :) It's literally a Jamboree of all the hues that encapsulate its essence!


Chennai Groove:


Chennai Groove is named after the lovely South Indian city of Chennai. It's a city with it's own groove really, it's own pace and rhythm. The colour shifts swiftly from Orange to Yellow to Green!


Hyderabad Charm :


Hyderabad Charm is an ode to the city of Nizams- Hyderabad. It definitely still has an old world charm to it :) The colour shifts between hues of blues and purple with hints of green! :)




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Praxi Soni
The Best Shifters!

These are the best shifters I have used and are handmade in India. Love incorporating them in my artworks.

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