Hellooo! My name is Sadhika Gupta (also known as the DelhiDoodler) and well, this is my website , so here's a little something about me :) I'm a Freelance Calligraphy and Hand lettering artist based out of Delhi. I absolutely love drawing letters, anytime and anywhere- on paper, on walls, on cardboard boxes, on my iPad :D I picked up these artforms from Instagram and taught myself how to letter 4 years back. Calligraphy and Hand lettering are almost antithetical to today's digital era, and THAT'S what makes them all the more special! My aim is to add a touch of personalization and warmth through calligraphy and lettering to as many lives as possible and for businesses to get more eyes on their brand through eye-catching designs :) The reason this website is live and kicking is because of my business partner/ intern/ website developer and sister, Diya who pushes me to become better each and EVERY day. :)