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Art Pricing Workshop- 21/22 May, 2022

Art Pricing Workshop- 21/22 May, 2022

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21-22nd May, 2022

8-9:30 pm IST

Via Zoom App

Thereare only two ways to learn something in life- either you learn from your own mistakes, or you learn from others.

As a self taught artist with a wide repertoire- ranging from working for luxury brands to wedding assignments to personal commissions- I can tell you a thing or two about how to go about pricing your artwork and learn from my experience and mistakes.

This workshop is probably the first of it's kind in India, and I'm happy to help a talented creator like yourself!

Once you've learnt a creative skill, the next step is to learn how to value it!

In this comprehensive 2 Day workshop, I will cover a wide gamut of questions that trouble every creator when it comes to pricing. 

On Day 1

We discuss the basics of pricing: How to pick up a starting point and go about pricing your artwork, what are the costs involved (including hidden costs), how to set your base price, Should you go for hourly pricing or task based pricing, and lastly, what should be the difference in pricing digital and handmade goods. We will also have 20 minutes for Q&A where you can ask me anything pertaining to the syllabus for Day 1.

On Day 2

We discuss how I go about pricing specific forms of artwork, and I've done quite a few - digital lettering, commercial gifs, wall mural, doodle artworks, logos, etc. We also touch upon specific assignments related to Calligraphy and lettering including wedding invites, envelopes, signages, spot Calligraphy, on site Calligraphy, etc.

We discuss the difference between charging brands and charging individuals. If you opt for Day2, I will send you a Google form and ask you your area of specialization and give you a hypothetical task which you'll be asked to calculate the price of. Artists are also a new form of social media influencers in India with their growing popularity, so we will discuss how to value your social media presence if you're a creator.


 You’ll receive the link 4 hours prior to the workshop.

A recording of the session will be available for 4 days following the session, on request if you're unable to attend the session due to any reason. Those who attend it live will not receive the recording.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Vaishali Parekh
A must do workshop!

Every artist who is clueless in art field and is looking to start commercialising from their art should go for this workshop. Sadhika with her years of experience, not only adviced us on the art and its market's technicalities but also discussed all that one should consider while quoting art prices. I loved how honestly she answered all our Qs where others probably may not be comfortable discussing the same.
It has motivated me to have confidence in my work and give quotation without short selling myself.
Thank you Sadhika!!

A must attend ! If you are not from a business background like me then this is definitely for you.

This workshop opened my eyes in so many ways! Sadhika explained all the aspects that go into pricing that, the ones that we ignore or don't see as well. It's a totally worth it workshop and here's why, as artists we are often under the misconception that we have to struggle for money and that we aren't valued, well, here's the secret..... you first have to value yourself and be confident about what you create & that's what Sadhika helped us understand. Also, we know what the artists abroad are charging, however, its not the same here in India, we approached the pricing keeping that in mind. We learnt how we can price and present in a way that we don't get underpaid for our efforts and the client is happy as well. Win, win right?! We all had so many questions about the pricing and Sadhika patiently answered each one of them. Even if you are already running a business, this workshop is still a must, it will help you in ways you can't imagine! I am really thankful to Sadhika for conducting this workshop!! She is very kind & honest about her answers and she brilliantly walks her talks!! She is an amazing artist ofcourse !! I also respect & admire her for the person she is!! Thankyou Sadhika! You're super cool !

An essential learning tool

I had the most amazing two days learning from Sadhika. She is such a patient teacher, she walked us through each and every aspect of how pricing works for an artist and how one must focus on it while implementing for their own artwork. The first day she taught us all the basic and important aspects and then the second day was all about going through with our tasks given to each one on pricing.
Highly recommended for people struggling with pricing their artworks as this session opens your eyes on how to value your work while also making you confident. Sadhika is an amazing teacher who shall guide you and all her efforts can be seen in her work. Thank you so much for this workshop, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Charu Patel
Had an amazing session

I love the way Sadhika emphasized each and every detail regarding the pricing. In the 2 day workshop she covered all the points which we should consider while pricing our art. Most important thing, that after attending this workshop I gained confidence and learned how to value my art and time. I am always grateful to Sadhika for being a wonderful teacher.
I really enjoyed the assignment given on the 2nd day. I can utilize all the information that I learned on the first day to finish my assignments. That’s the best part of the workshop. I highly recommend you to attend this workshop if you are not sure how to sell your artwork. I am sure you will see the change in your mind set regarding pricing after this workshop.

Ria, Doodlez N Designz
Super Helpful, Enlightening and More than Worth the Money

We are lucky that we now have pricing workshop in India which was much needed practical knowledge, not many people teach about. Sadhika di so patiently cleared everyone's doubt patiently, involved everyone making sure we know ho to apply the knowledge as per our niche and field. She has put in so much efforts into this making the workshop so insightful and enlightening. Wonderful experience. You won't regret investing in something like this which is super important. More than everything else, we felt more confident as an artist. Highly recommended. She shared her experiences and knowledge to guide as and not only did she talk about pricing but also about how to put across your points to the clients. Super thankful for this workshop, it was much needed!

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