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Blue Pumpkin Nib - Sadhika Gupta

Blue Pumpkin Nib

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This beautiful blue nib, also popularly called as The Blue Pumpkin Nib is one my favourites. It's one of the most flexible nibs, allowing for highly contrasting thick and thin strokes in Calligraphy.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shivangi Pandey
A valuable addition to my nib collection

I enjoy writing with this nib specially on water-color paper, the way it smoothly glides on it is super satisfying. Also ,it's so beautiful to look at. :)

sankalp luxmi dhunna

This nib writes so smooth. It is easy to use and produces beautiful upstrokes and downstrokes if applied correct pressure..

Ria Rinto

I really love them... I love using them for modern calligraphy 😍


This nib is really good. It is easy to write and clearly defines thin and thick strokes..this makes me practice a lot and improve!! It is really suitable for beginners .
I love itttt!!

Taran Shergill

A really good one for a beginner.

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